A property management company’s number one allegiance is to the fiduciary interest of their client. It’s their job to make every effort to protect and promote your investment!

When a company models their policies and practices around the client’s best financial interest, it’s a winning combination for both clients and tenants.

For clients, it means that the property manager is consistently performing non-discriminatory due diligence in their screening process for potential tenants, and not making exceptions based on personal feelings or urgency to fill a vacancy. The screening process should be vetted, consistent, and involve third-party specific professionals.

For a tenant, this means that you are always going to have clear and thorough communication about routine maintenance, and a confidence that requests for service are followed up on in a timely manner. Items in disrepair should be repaired and replaced when they become damaging or dangerous. Items with normal wear and tear should be documented and serviced on a routine, as-needed basis.

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